The roads in the Parish are predominantly country lanes, bounded to the north by the A5117, and to the west, by the A5032 (Whitby Lane). The A roads, especially the A5117, carry large volumes of traffic, much of it bound for Cheshire Oaks and Chester Zoo. Most through traffic is carried by the M56 and the M53, which cross at the Stoak Interchange. The motorways also feed the A5117 with most of its traffic.
There are some long-standing issues with the volume and speed of traffic on the main lanes, particularly Wervin Road, Little Stanney Lane, and Rake Lane. Except for the village of Stoak, which has a 30mph limit, all lanes have the national speed limit of 60mph.
*** Update ***
As of 4th September 2017, there is now a speed limit of 30mph in Wervin. This covers a stretch of Wervin Road and also Ashwood Lane from Wervin cross-roads to the bridge over the M53. The Permanent Traffic order can be seen here: PTO for Wervin
Issues concerning the introduction of a speed limit in Rake Lane have not yet been resolved. The Parish Council is insistent that a 30mph limit is a more appropriate solution than the 40mph limit proposed by CWaC Highways Department. The current situation is that there is a legally enforceable 30mph limit as the stretch in question has street lighting conforming to Department of Transport requirements.

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Useful Documents and links
DfT – Setting Local Speed Limits 01-2013
Community Speed Management
CWaC’s Speed Policy Guidance
The following document, which is the draft Signage Audit for the Ellesmere Port area, has been split into 2 parts because of issues with its file size:
Ellesmere Port Signage Strategy – Final Draft March 2015 – 1
Ellesmere Port Signage Strategy – Final Draft March 2015 – 2

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Government guidance for setting local speed limits