Important information from CWaC about Covid-19: Covid Bulletin

******* Important Notice from CWaC regarding household waste *********
Tissues and Kitchen roll
Covid-19: Tissues and kitchen roll cannot be recycled and should not be put into your recycling boxes. This is especially important during this time to reduce the spread of infection. Recycling boxes containing tissues will not be emptied to protect our staff from the risk of infection.
If your box has not been emptied for this reason, please put the tissues in your black bin and put your recycling back out on your next collection day.
If you have additional recycling this can be put out for collection next to your box in a suitable, clearly labelled container or carrier bag. Please separate materials in the usual way. This container will be returned to you.
How to deal with your waste if you’re self-isolating
The Government has advised that anyone who is self-isolating with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), including those with a diagnosis of the virus, should treat their household waste as follows:
· Personal waste e.g. used tissues, and disposable cleaning cloths can be stored securely within disposable rubbish bags. These bags should be placed into another bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste within your own room. This should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual external household waste bin.
· Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.
The advice also says that when cleaning you should use your usual household products like detergents and bleach as these will be very effective at getting rid of the virus on surfaces. Clean frequently touched surfaces.
For more information, read the Government’s stay at home guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

*** CWaC has announced that garden waste collections are to resume from 4 June.
29 May 2020: Latest announcement concerning Cheshire West’s Household Waste & Recycling Centres: Waste recycling update – 20-05-29

Little Stanney & District Parish Council
Please note that the meeting of the Parish Council scheduled to take place on 24 March 2020 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. We will keep you informed regarding future meetings once we have received further information from the Government

This is the web site of Little Stanney and District Parish Council. Its main purpose is keeping the local community informed about what the Parish Council is doing on its behalf and matters of local interest. We would also encourage you to be an active part of this web site, either via the Forum or by using the “Contact Us” link. Contributions for possible inclusion, such as articles, photographs, etc are welcome. Local businesses wishing to advertise should contact the Clerk.

Little Stanney and District is a combined parish in Cheshire in the borough of Cheshire West and Chester. As of May 2019 it is part of the Gowy Rural ward of CWaC. Currently, it lies within the parliamentary constituency of Ellesmere Port and Neston. The Parish Council covers four separate parishes:

  • Little Stanney (includes Backford Cross)
  • Stoak
  • Wervin
  • Croughton

Center map

Some internet references, e.g. Wikipedia, state that Stoak and Little Stanney are suburbs of Ellesmere Port. This is not the case, nor has it ever been. These two parishes lie in the green belt between Chester and Ellesmere Port and were latterly part of the City of Chester, and formerly Chester Rural District.

N.B. To dispel a few myths, Parish Councils have nothing to do with the church. They form the lowest tier of local government for areas defined by ancient parish boundaries.